Diary of John and Georgiana Molloy: 1 July 1837 - 21 February 1840

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1837. July. Thursday. 27. N.W. 55/8 Jack & Kate made their appearance accompanied by a young foal apparently about 3 or 4 days old. Wheat to Mrs Hep. 76 [...] to Mr. Hurford 61. H. Fine clear Wr with Modt breezes B. Friday 28. 50/8 Moderate Wr & Cloudy with occasl showers B. Saturday 29. NW 45/8 Fresh breezes of wind Wr - Blew strong towards Sunset Planted Potatoes. Wallace Empd. B. Sunday 30. NW NNW. Read Divine Service en famille - Continued rain with squalls. B. Monday 31 48/8 LIght Winds & Cloudy Wr. Planting Potatoes. - a Vessel reported in sight. Ginger & Grace absent Ma Dame sowed seeds. Wallace at work. B. August Tuesday 1st SE. Strong Gales with frequent showers - The Cattle not returnable this Evening. B. Wednesday 2nd SE. South. Commencing with heavy rain & Squally Wr. The Cattle chez [...] ce Soir B. Thursday 3rd S.E. More moderate with occasional showers Wallace in the garden. B. Friday 4th N. N.W. West. Strong breezes increasing to a Gale toward Evening Wallace in the Morning for 1½ hours - heavy & Continued rain during the day - Saturday 5th N. to NW Wallace at work all day. 1½ H. Moderate Wr with showers occasionally Planted potatoes W. side of house. B. Sunday 6. NW. West. Performed Divine Service. Mily present - Moderate & fine Wr. Monday 7th Frequent Showers & Squally. [...] & Dick returned to take charge of the Cattle Wallace at work.Madame sowing. B. [Page 5]