Diary of John and Georgiana Molloy: 1 July 1837 - 21 February 1840

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August 1837 Tuesday 8th NW. Much rain during the night. 50lbs Meal to the store for the Military Sophy not brot home by the natives. B Wednesday 9th NW. Bobby in search of Sophy - brot home abt 3 oClock with a heifer Calf. Babui & Wm. brot the Cattle home this Evening. Wallace at work. Thursday 10. West. Some pelting showers rather heavy during the night. Bobby absent from after the Calf feeding until abt 3 oClock 1/3 Friday 11th W Occasional showers. oxen to Mrs Heppingstone [...] until abt 3 oClock. Bobby 1/3 Saturday 12. N. Rain at intervals Weather Moderate. Bobby Sunday 13th. N. Heavy breezes & fine Performed Divine Service. Mily attended. Bobby Monday 14 N & W Moderate Wr. Bobby Tuesday 15 Fine clear Wr. Wallace at work Bob Wednesday 16. East [...] 40/8 Fine clear Wr. Wallace at work Store day 158½ lbs of Meal to Mr Herring for the Mily. Took up the boat to overhaul. Bob Thursday 17. S.E. Fine Clear Weather Wallace at work Went to the Spring, on my return encountered Mr. Murpenny expressed my disapprobation of his conduct by a a slight tap on the Shin of his right leg, he threw a pitch fork & struck at me with his hammer anniversary of [...] Bob Friday 18th S & S.of W. Fine clear Wr. [...] abt. the Large boat Wallace at work. Planted some potatoes below the upper lot North of seed bed. Bob [Page 6]