Diary of John and Georgiana Molloy: 1 July 1837 - 21 February 1840

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August 1837 Saturday 19. North Fine & moderate Wallace at work Wallace sowed Bussell Carrot Cauliflower Lettuce Bob Sunday 20th North. Performed Divine Service, the Military attended. some heavy showers during the night. the Day Moderate but Cloudy. Bob Monday 21st North. NW. West. Strong breezes - at 6 am. calm. thunder & rain in heavy showers towards evening blowing fresh. Wallace empd. before breakft & for a short time after. sowed some oats Empd on the Killiter within fence in clearing & raking up weeds. B Tuesday 22 NW Strong breezes ploughed the Killiter. The Lady Stirling anchored in the Evening. B Wednesday 23. NW Received Letters from the Swan. Empd [...] then the day fine with mild showers. B Thursday 24. N.W. 17 lbs Fresh Mutton to Mily. Moderate & Cloudy [...] [...] showers Sold some butter to Curtis. a 2/ [...] paid for a bag of Rice for Mr. Hurford £2.16.0 Bob Friday 25 W. Moderate & fine Despatched my letters by the Lady Stirling - she did not sail - the day up to Sun set. Wallace at work Bob - .3 h. Saturday 26 S.W. Fresh & Clear. The Lady Stirling sailed - 64 lbs Wheat to Mrs Heppingstone. Bob Sunday 27 S.E. Clear & Cold. Performed divine Service. Mily present. all the Cattle but O. absent Bob Monday 28 S. Moderate & fine Wr. Worked the oxen in carrying out [...] O. H. Wheat to Mr. Hurford. Bob Tuesday 29 S.E Moderate Wr. - Musquang & some other Natives called to say adio I believe an old fellow who calls himself [Page 7]