Diary of John and Georgiana Molloy: 1 July 1837 - 21 February 1840

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1837 August. Tuesday 29th SE. Kenny says there are four head of Cattle to the East. as well as I could understand about 3 days journey distant hoed up the pots on the old melon ridge Empd at the Large boat Messrs Bussell & Green from Vasse B. Wednesday 30 NW Moderate & fine Wr. towards night Fresh breezes increasing until midnight. Wallace at work - painted Boat - New Moon 8". 20'. 12" B. Thursday 31. NW South Strong breezes with rain - Planted out cabbages amongst the Vines - B. Friday 1 Sept. Moderate & Cloudy occasional showers - signed Mr. Greens [...] to this date - Wallace at work B. Saturday 2nd NW. Cloudy Wr. planted Windsor Beans. B. Sunday 3. Read Divine Service Mily attended - Moderate Wr & fine. B. Monday 4 NW. Mr Bussell to hunt for Kangaroo - Fine & Clear throughout Mrs Guerin gave birth to a little girl B. Tuesday 5 NW Messrs Bussell & Green at Dinner Strong Gale from the NW which moderated after a considerable fall of rain much Thunder. Wallace at work party to Vasse B. Wednesday 6 53/4 NW Strong breezes & Cloudy Wr. Wallace at work - much rain during the night - 5 Cattle absent - all of Mr Ts. B Thursday 7 43/7 W. & SW. cold with occasional falls of hail - The Cattle all right. Wallace at work. B. Friday 8th Moderate with occasl showers. Chas. Bussells function B. Saturday 9th Stormy with rain at intervals - hoed up the potatoes. B. Sunday 10th Much wind & Rain - Read Divine Service in the house Mily did not attend - B [Page 8]