Diary of John and Georgiana Molloy: 1 July 1837 - 21 February 1840

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September 37. Saturday. 23rd NE. to NW. Moderate & Cloudy very heavy rains during the day - drawing wood with the Cart & Oxen. Shea looked after the Cattle B. Sunday. 24th N. to NW. Some heavy rain fell during the night Squally Wr. performed Divine Service read one of Burdens Sermons (No 1). B. Monday. 25th S.E Moderate & fine Wr. Tuesday. 26. S.E. Fine Clear Wr. Oxen & Cart to Mr. Hurford. Grace's Calf [...] B Wednesday. 27. S.E. Fine Wr. Light breezes Enggd Orrick to look after the Oxen at 1/6 pr diem from this day forth - Carried wood. O1 & B Thursday 28th N to SW. SE. Moderate Wr Painting Large boat. MiLady au jardin - painted the Norwegian- Fright placed out to frighten the Wallabees who have been predating on the potatoes B & O2 Friday 29th NE. North. 60/9 Fine Clear Wr Painting the Large boat & repairing Do - Madame empd au jardin des fleurs. B & O3 Saturday 30th 62/9 78/5 N. & NW. Fine & Clear. hoed up the potatoes near the Eastern Vines - Painting Large boat. B. & O4 October Sunday 1st NW Moderate & Clear Wr. performed Divine Service. Military did not attend (2 Burden.) B. & O5 Monday 2nd 54/9 Moderate Wr & Cloudy. Wallace at work Settled with him up to this day inclusive - Planted indian Corn B. O6 Tuesday 3rd 63/9 NW Cloudy Wr with moderate breezes about noon Wallace at work. (1st day after [...]) Messrs Green & Bussell arrived from the Vasse - Planted Potatoes - N. End W./1 O./7 B./1- Wednesday 4th N.W. Light breezes & Cloudy Wr Wallace Empd. Launched the Norwegian & went with my [...] & the [...] & [...] to the Granite Rock. Collected flowers &c for Capt Mangles.[...] [...] W.2 O.8 B. Thursday 5th SW Cloudy with gentle showers - Wallace at work - Cutting[?] the Killiter [...] B & G au soir. W.3 O9 & B. Friday 6th SW Cold & Cloudy Wr. The Vines &c B & O10 [Page 10]