Diary of John and Georgiana Molloy: 1 July 1837 - 21 February 1840

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October 1837 Saturday 7th S.E. Moderate & Clear Wr. - nothing extraordinary O.11 & B. Sunday 8 S.E. Performed Divine Service. Mily attended 1st of Arnold. Bobby to Cattle B. Monday 9th S.W. Fine Wr. some light showers during the night. Employed abt the boats. a Soiré[?] O.12 & B. Tuesday 10th S.W. Cloudy Wr Strong breezes. au Batteaux [French for 'at the Boats'] hoed up some Potatoes near the Artichokes. O.13 & B. Wednesday 11 NW. West. Clear & fine Wr. Wallace at work [...] to the West of Stock Yard. O.14 W.4 & B. Thursday 12 SW. South Some heavy showers during the day - Moderate breezes & Cloudy Bobby to Cattle B Friday 13th S.E. Moderate Wr & Cloudy. Bobby to Cattle. B. Saturday 14th S.E. Moderate & Cloudy Do. B. Sunday 15 S.W. - South. Occasional showers with Strong breezes Read Divine Service (3A) Military not in attendance Bob saw 3 Natives - B Monday 16 S.E. Clear Wr with Strong breezes. B Tuesday 17. NW. Fine Calm & Clear in the early part Light breezes from the [...] [...] the [...] B. Wednesday 18 - Moderate Wr. B. Thursday 19. Cloudy with rain Orrick to Cattle Bottled off the remains of the Cask of White Wine 14. D 9 O15 & B Friday 20th Heavy showers during the day - omitted in yesterdays record to notice the extraordinary appearance of the atmosphere about nine oClock at night to the Southward - it looked to all intents like the reflection from a great fire at a distance - Some Squally Wr. followed it. Mr C Bussell dined with us - [...] O16 B. Saturday 21. NW Strong gales & Squally Some heavy rain during the night. loud Thunder & vivid Lightning - a heavy fall storm this morning. O.17 B. Sunday 22 N.W. & W. Strong Gales and Cloudy Wr - some heavy showers occasionally performed Divine Service - the Military attended. Orrick ½ the Cattle tending - Bobby the remainder. O.18 & B. [Page 11]