Diary of John and Georgiana Molloy: 1 July 1837 - 21 February 1840

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October 1837 Monday 23rd W. Moderate Wr. Wallace at work. Mr Green labouring under Delirium tremens proceeding as I infer from his late continued irregularity Employd at the Embankment boring out the Stumps. W.5 O.19 & B. Tuesday 24th NW. North. Strong breezes & Cloudy. Mr Green reported to be better this morning but towards noon he became more delirious -- Wallace at work - this day except for the period of drawing rations from the Store - took down the partition at Laymans allotment W.6 O20 & B Wednesday 25th NW. Much rain at intervals. The Wr. Squally. Bobby with the Cattle firing out Stumps. B Thursday 26th W. SW. Moderate Wr. - Orrick to Cattle. O.21 & B. Friday 27th W. SW. Fine Wr. with Fresh breezes. Wallace at work W.7 O.22 & B. Saturday 28th North. Fine & Clear Weather. Orrick to Cattle O.23 & B Sunday 29. Pleasant Wr. Performed Divine Service (5A) O.24 - B/Calf Monday 30 N.W. 60/8 80/12 Fine Wr. to commence with - excepionly hot for the Season. Mr. Hurford at work at the house - Orrick Cattle Wallace also - Bob likewise - Some Lightning H. O.25 W.8 & B Tuesday 31st Calm Cloudy - some heavy Thunder in the afternoon & during the Evening - Mr. Hurford at work Wallace Empd. Orrick Cattle Calf B. very unwell bled & blistered. [...] better to day H. W.9 O.26 & B Nov. Wednesday 1st 64/6 Calm & Sultry with heavy Clouds thunder towards the Evening Empd working about the house W.10 O.27 & B. a party from the Vasse for medical assistance. Thursday 2nd NW. Moderate Wr. with strong breezes abt noon from the NW The River much discouloured] by fishes[?] altho we have not experienced much rain. W.11 O.28 & B. Friday 3rd NW. Strong breezes in Commencement. Variable & Light airs with Showers of rain occasly. the party with Mr. Green left for the Vasse Wallace at work. Mr. Hurford until 12 oClock H. W.12 & B. Saturday 4th North Pleasant Wr. with Light breezes 84lb Meal to Mrs Hepp B [Page 12]