Diary of John and Georgiana Molloy: 1 July 1837 - 21 February 1840

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1837 Novr. Sunday 5th West Cloudy with frequent showers read Service "en famille" 7th of Arnold B. Monday 6th South Light but continuous rain B Tuesday 7th South Moderate breezes & fine Wr. Wallace at work Sabina's birth day - commenced the ditch on the Killiter. W.13 & B Wednesday 8. NW. Cloudy Wr. strong breezes - Wallace at work. W14 & B Thursday 9th South Light breezes & hazy Wr. with occasional showers - weeding barley B. Friday 10th Light breezes & mild Wr. the early part cloudy but clearing up towards noon. Wallace at work W.15 & B Saturday 11th South SSE. Much Thunder & Lightning with showers of rain - I have the melancholy task of recording the loss of my dear little infant Son in his nineteenth month by an accident; he was missing for a few minutes about the hour of ten this morning and Alas! after searching for him in different directions Charlotte went to the well where he was found drowned We tried to restore Animation for about five hours without success - the Lord had taken his Spirit from him. it hath pleased him to bereave us of him - May we bear this affliction at his hand as we ought & bow to his will. We received kind attention from our neighbours the Turners'. Alfred Bussell was staying with us. B Sunday 12th S.W. Cloudy & much wind committed the mortal remains of my little one to the earth. A. Bussell read the funeral service the Military & some of my neighbours attended. B. Monday 13th S.W 62/6 Cloudy Wr. Wallace at work. W16 & B. Tuesday 14th S.W. Cloudy with showers. Mr Hurford doing up the well. [Page 13] [To the editor of this diary: The letters + numbers on the right refer to the number of days an employee has worked since the last time he was paid, so W16 means that Wallace has worked 16 days since he was last paid. 'B' is Bobby, who has been working there so long his days are beyond count. 'O' - Orrick was engaged 27/9/1837. I have no idea what numbers like 62/6 mean- something to do with business]