Diary of John and Georgiana Molloy: 1 July 1837 - 21 February 1840

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Novr. 1837 Wednesday 15. South 67/9 Wallace at work Moderate breezes & fine Wr. W.17 & B Thursday 16. South. 70/6 Light breezes & clear Wr. Mr Hurford empd. about the fencing - Wallace assisting - H. W.18 B. Friday 17th Light breezes & Cloudy Wr. Wallace at work The party returned from the Vasse with Mr Green - received dispatches W.19 & B Saturday 18 NW. to S.E. Fine Wr. but somewhat Cloudy - cleared up as the day advanced Wallace at work W.20 & B. Sunday 19th NW. Moderate & Cloudy Wr. performed Divine Service Military attended. Bobby met some natives amongst others Babui & [...] to whom he gave over the cattle in charge. B Monday 20th West Moderate Wr. & Cloudy Wallace at work W.21 & B. Tuesday 21. NW. Strong breezes & Cloudy Wr. Settled with Orrick to this day for attending the Cattle having paid him two pounds two shillings for 28 days. Wallace at work. W.22 & B. Wednesday 22. NW.. Moderate Wr. Wallace at work W.23 Thursday 23. Moderate & Clear Wr. B. Friday 24. 60/7 S.E. Fine Clear Wr. Modrt breezes - Orrick with Cattle O.1 & B Saturday 25. NW. Strong breezes & Cloudy Wr light showers - (1 # pd to Ok) O.2 & B. Sunday 26. West Strong breezes with occasional showers performed Divine Service Orrick Cattle Bob 2 hours O.3 & B Monday 27. NW. Strong breezes & fine Wr. Wallace at work Bob 2 hours W.24 O.4 & B Tuesday 28th Cloudy & Sultry Weather - Wallace at work W.25 O.5 B. Wednesday 29 70/6 Calm & Clear Wr. Wallace at work W.26 O.6 B. Thursday 30. Calm & Clear Wr. Wallace at work Balanced acct with W. [Page 14]