Diary of John and Georgiana Molloy: 1 July 1837 - 21 February 1840

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His Stubble & Mr Herring's Grant caught fire. The Pigs werre burnt in the Sty & all the Morticed post & rail consumed I called in the aid of Campbell & Welsh and they saved a small portion of the American Fence, no attempt was made to rescue the Pigs or save the Posts. O52 Tuesday 23rd W. The heat much less Mr Green thrashing O53. Wednesday 24th W. Slight showers until midday Mr Green thrashing Mrs Heppingstone to wash O54 Thursday 25th W. Slight breezes. Mr Green thrashing but much hindered by the badness of Hail. O55 Friday 26th W. Heavy showers towards eveng. Mr Green Do O56. Saturday 27th SE R. light Mr Green thrashing O57. Sunday 28th SE Moderate breezes a small vessel seen off Cape Leeuwin supposed to be Mr Curtis O58. Monday 29th SE very warm O59 Tuesday 30th NW. Mrs Heppingstone to wash Mr Green thrashing O60 Wednesday 31st NW. Showers in evening very heavy. Shea all day 1 pint milk Mr Green thrashed 14 sheaves! Mr Hurford ½ day fr 8 to 2. O61 Thursday Febry 1st W. Wallace digging Potatoes Shea whitewashing 1 Pint milk O62. [Page 19]