Diary of John and Georgiana Molloy: 1 July 1837 - 21 February 1840

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February 1838 Friday 2nd SE. Mr Lenox Bussell accompanied by three natives arrived from Vasse. Shea thrashing Barley & oats. Spoke to Mr Herring about his intrusive system of Espionage. Shea & Wallace 1 Pint Milk each O63. Saturday 3 SE. Shea finished thrashing Oats & Carraway. Wallace digging Potatoes. The natives which accompanied Mr Bussell from the Vasse stole above a cart of potatoes from Mr Herring Mrs McDermott's child missing found again at a considerable distance from home Wallace & Shea ½ Sugar 1 Case Bottle to Mr Green. O64 Sunday 4th SE. Very warm. Wallace on guard O65 Monday 5th SE. Very hot indeed Wallace digging Potatoes O66. Tuesday 6th W. Slight showers. Wallace & Shea digging Potatoes O67. Wednesday 7th SE. Very warm Wallace & Shea digging Potatoes O68. Thursday 8th NW. Excessively hot Wallace & Shea digging Potatoes Wallace absent at Ration day 40 minutes Shea two hours [...] lbs [...] Meat to the Military O69 Friday 9th NW. Hot [...] at day break the 2 oxen & Grace broke over the imperfect barrier into the Garden destroyed one row Indian corn & 1 Melon. Shea & Wallace at Potatoes. 8 Natives at the Spring O70. Saturday 10th SE. The natives took during the night 25 cwt of Potatoes from Mr Hurford Mr Lenox Bussell & the Military went out after them. We discovered the theft of our only [...] Wallace digging Potatoes. [Page 20]