Diary of John and Georgiana Molloy: 1 July 1837 - 21 February 1840

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Feb 1838 Saturday 24th NW. A She foul drowned by some dogs hurrying it into the Water 22 lbs 10 oz to Military. Mrs Guerin here. Shea & Ryan purported to have been after the Cattle but their well known veracity occasioned some doubt. Sunday 25th NW. Dearest Molloy returned safe & well & brought with Mr Camfield & Mr Brown as farm servant heard from Lady Stirling.

Monday 26 ... Tuesday 27 went to head of the Spring after the Cattle Brown taking up Onions. Wednesday 28. Went after the Cattle nada brot. home Jack.. Mr. Green at dinner.. Mr Hurford mended pole of Cart - broke down Thursday March 1st Sought the Cattle at the Spring head. Friday 2nd Ploughed the Killiter within fence - brot. home the Cattle from S. Head all present. Saturday 3. Ploughing on the Killiter outside fence - Bobby driving until 10 oClock Sunday 4. NW. 75/6 Cloudy Wr. some thunder in the morning turned out. Wel. Betty & Dolly [Wel is Wellington] Monday 5. Cloudy Wr. some natives on the other side Mr Lenox Russell has gone to speak to them - Settled with Wallace to this date leaving a balance of £4.0.0 The oxen at plough then to head of the Spring for Spars to make pole to Bullk Cart - The natives desirous to be friends with the Settlement. Many fires on the oppt. side - found the Cattle beyond Cape Leewin. Bobby until abt. 2 oClock [Page 23]