Diary of John and Georgiana Molloy: 1 July 1837 - 21 February 1840

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March 1838 Tuesday 13. S.E 72/10 Clear Dusty & Hot Wr. Ploughing on the Killiter - Mr. Herring sought for the Cattle without success Mr. Green & Mr. Campfield chez nous. Wednesday 14 SE The early part of this day mild & agreeable ploughed the Killiter from 6 until noon saving the hours of refreshment The Cattle brot. home by Mr. Herring excpt the calves Betty & Dolly. The working oxen came home at noon "Mr. Camfield [...] at Mr. Turners" - Thursday 15. Moderate & fine. Ploughing the Killiter. large fires on the opposite shore Friday 16 S.E. Strong gales Brown & the oxen at Mr Hurford to plow Mr. Herring sought the Cattle but found them not. Jack made a kick at Mary. Saturday 17th. S.E Moderate Wr. The oxen Ploughing & Carting Sea weed for Mr. Hurford. Cattle absent Sunday 18. SW. Strong breezes with occasional showers aft. noon. performed divine Service. the Bull came remaining Cattle absent. Monday 19 SW. Stormy with frequent showers. brot home 8 of the Cattle & the oxen. Tuesday 20. S.W. Squally & Cloudy Wr. found all the Cattle - left the two yongt Calves on the road from [...] lest I shd. lose the rest of the herd - Gentle & the Bull [...] found - Wednesday 21. SE. Strong breezes & Cloudy Wr. with some heavy showers in the afternoon. a party arrived from the Vasse for the Medical Officer to attend one of the Mily Offs. The Cattle out all the night. Thursday 22nd S.E. 65/8 Strong gales & Cloudy Wr. Brown & Peter to Mr Hurford for the day - The Cattle not all at home Calves - Sophy - Mr Green absent - Mr. Green to the Vasse Friday 23rd. SE. Strong Gales & Cloudy Wr. Brown & oxen to Mrs Heppingstone Mr. Herring after the Cattle bivouacked for the night near the Spring. Mr. Camfield to Mr. Turners &c &c [Page 25]