Diary of John and Georgiana Molloy: 1 July 1837 - 21 February 1840

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March 1838 Saturday 24th S.E Moderate & Clear Wr - went in Search of the Cattle brot home all with the exceptn of the Calves. The oxen & Brown to Mrs Heppinstones Sunday 25. N.E S to E. Moderate breezes & Clear Wr. Performed divine Service (read 14th Arnold) Monday 26. S.E NW. Light breezes in the early part, freshening toward noon The Cattle at home at Even. The oxen drawing logs in the afternoon. Cobbelt a native proposed herding the Cattle gave him some provisions on the strength of his services tomorrow. Tuesday 27 Mild & Clear Wr. Cobbelt proved a false knave - escorted the Cattle to the Spring & Left them. The oxen at work for Mr. Hurford - Mr. Herring brot home all the Cattle - Mr. Cobbelt presented himself on [3 words illeg] him. Wednesday 28. SE Strong breezes & Clear Wr. the Champion arrived with Major Nevin the Commndr & Mr. Moore the [...] Judge. The cattle not at home Oxen to Mr. Hurford Thursday 29 SE. Blowing fresh the Gov. Stores landing - went on board the Schooner & was detained from the violence of the Wr. passed a most unpleasant night - my boat took a Cargo from the Vessel - Bob Hep [...] Friday 30th SE The Wr. more moderate in the morning landed & found my boat had been [...] on the preceding day - the wind freshened up & stopped all intercourse. Saturday 31. NW SE Moderate Wr. The Commndr embarked about 11 oClock this morning. The wind changing to the SE. the Champion did not sail. The oxen ½ Day to Mrs. Heppgst. Bob April Sunday 1st April N.W. SE. Moderate Wr. Performed divine Service - The Champion sailed this morning abt. 7 oClock. Cobbelt brot home the Cattle with the [...] of the Calves & oxen. Monday 2d Moderate Wr. Empd casking off the flour - found it injured by the water & a bag of wheat more & one less of flour than I returned to the master of the Champion as correct. The wheat [Page 26]