Diary of John and Georgiana Molloy: 1 July 1837 - 21 February 1840

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April 1838 Tuesday 3rd SE. Moderate & Clear Wr. brot home the oxen - the Cattle at home at noon. Betty was Phlebotomized - Miss Sarah Turner's 1st Visit. Requiring immediate exposure to the Air. The [...] to the Vasse Wednesday 4th NW. Moderate Wr. Mr Campfield & Self empd on the road to the Vasse until the Eventide - Messrs Armstrong, Bussell & Green arrived - heard that the party was left about or at the Chapman River having knocked up from illness - oxen to Mrs Heppingstone Thursday 5th NW Strong breezes & Cloudy Wr some heavy showers at night The oxen to Mrs Heppingstone - Friday 6th. SW. Moderate Wr. & Cloudy. ploughed the lawn part of the Garden. The Lady Stirling arrived about 3 oClock recd. some letters from the Swan. Samson, Leake, &c. Saturday 7. SE. S.W. Recd a Cask of beef, of Salmon & 1 bag of Sugar. landed. The Cattle home very early. Strong gales during the night some light rain. Sunday 8 SE. Strong breezes wind increasing towards sun set. Performed divine Service. The Military not present. The Cattle brot. home by the native very early. Billy Cooper [...] [...] Monday 9th S.E Received 27½ lbs Tamarines as today. herding Cattle Mr. Green & Mr Camfield in small boat up the river to look after the Horse. Tuesday 10th SE. Cloudy Wr. some small rain wind moderate the oxen empd variously in the Cart brot some plant from Laymans grant town. Wednesday 11 SE. Moderate Wr. The Lady Stirling sailed. The oxen empd for Mr. Hurford Ploughing & Harrowing [Page 27]