Diary of John and Georgiana Molloy: 1 July 1837 - 21 February 1840

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April 1838 21. Satd. West. Moderate Wr. The Harmony French Whaler - Doucie Master Anchored about 2 oClock off the bar the oxen ploughing the Killiter - Robt. Lascom empd. abt. 2 hours in my service Sunday 22 S.W. Slight showers with fresh breezes the Harmony shifted her birth to the Sulphurs Anchorage. Monday 23 SW. Fresh breezes & Cloudy Wr. went on board the Harmony Whaler The Carpenter repaired my large boat - The Armourer came on Shore to repair some odds & ends - The wind increased to a gale after sun set.- 71 lbs potatoes to the Capt the Cattle brot. home with the next of GInger Grace Sophy Tuesday 24th SW. Strong Gales & Cloudy Wr. Ginger Grace & Sophy came home the other cattle en bivaque. - The Harmony in the bay no boat on shore, the Armourer tinkering - et voila tout Wednesday 25 S.W. Strong Gales & Squally Wr at the Commencement a heavy Storm accompanied with Thunder & Lightening - went out to seek the Cattle - Brown absent from work & in the evening enebriated Mary swallowed a Pin Thursday 26 SW Fresh breezes & Squally Wr with rain occasionally went out with the Cattle to the Spring turned over 8[...] to Orrick - found [...] on my return homewards. Friday 27 SW. Strong breezes & clear Wr. Harrowed in the Killiter with the assistance of Wallace from Mr. Turner The oxen at home. Weighed out some Potatoes to the Capt. of the Harmonie 8.55 lbs. Saturday 28 NW SE Plouged the Western square adjoining the Stock yard Sowed & Harrowed in with wheat Sunday 29 S.E Weather Fine & Clear. Performed Divine Service Performed divine Monday 30th NW. Fine & clear Wr. 180 lbs Potatoes to Complete my acct with Capt. Ducie of (145) 3 pr. pant 2 Barrels of Beef & 1 Cask of Oil. oxen removing provisions O. [Page 29]