Diary of John and Georgiana Molloy: 1 July 1837 - 21 February 1840

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May 1838 Tuesday 1st NW. Calm in the early part with gathering clouds to the Westwd. The oxen empd removing the Stores. paid Orrick one pound O Wednesday 2nd W. Fine Employed packing for the Vasse. Capt Ducie of the L'Harmonie reported one of her men as runaway Costigen with Cattle Thursday 3rd W. Started for the Vasse accompanied by Mr Camfield 2 of the Detachment La Donna mending mats & very much displeased at what had & what was going to occur. Mr Green after being sent for 3 times was reported by his valet as in a high state of intoxication Friday 4th NW. Strong breezes. Many swans at night. My dearest Husband gave a cheque on [...] & [...] to Capt Mangles for £5.0.0 to me. Sabina Rash much worse I went over to Mr Green & brought him over he protesting his innocence but his breath redolent in Rum betraying him The French Carpenter called at Dusk. Mr Green in bed after his visit to me. Costigen Saturday 5th NW. Rain & smart showers all day. Mr Green never called Very unhappy when I thought of my dear Molloy's comfortless situation by day and night Costigen Sunday 6th W. Much rain the early part of the day The poor Carpenter was seized by each Mate while standing at Mr Hurford's door early this morning. The fattening Pig being out all day yesterday Mr Hurford ringed its nose & excised its Stye. Mr Green again inebriated Costigen brought home no Cattle. The Harmonie sailed at 12. [Page 30]