Diary of John and Georgiana Molloy: 1 July 1837 - 21 February 1840

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Monday 7th W. Slight showers until 12 then again at 6. Mrs Heppingstone here & I agreed to let her wash Charlotte's clothes with ours until she was able to procure Soap, she not charging for her time. Gentle, Dolly and Pardoe & Betty Costigen brought home, but could not find others I opened a Cask of Meal. Costigen Tuesday 8th W. Rain Costigen did not come for the Cattle in the morning and only brought back the same party at night, not being able to find the others. The Corporal here about an hour arranging the Eaves of Mr Camfield's room. Mr Green called in a most melancholy plight; his nerves shattered his eyes swollen. Frequent showers during the day. Costigen au soir Wednesday 9th Fair Close at 1/2 p 6. Determined Rain all day. Mrs McDermott called and proffered her services. Gentle, Dolly, Pardoe & Betty kindly brought home by the Corporal because Costigen was wet. The Corpl also let them out in the morning. Much rain at night Thursday 10th SW. Strong breezes Beautiful day at last got out. clothes dry. Corpl opened Barrel of Sugar, sold to him & Mulaney lbs flour. Charlotte let out Cattle. Costigen returned with his hands before him as if he had a pain en estomac with Wellington & Baldwin in addition to the other [...]. Heard from my excellent and kind Husband and am amazed & thankful they progressed so rapidly & well. Costigen professes. Friday 11th Fair Corporal Sullivan called to say no one was with the Cattle but Orrick would soon resume his charge. Busy preparing & arranging what may be my Death bed. The frusual Cattle came home of themselves. [Page 31]