Diary of John and Georgiana Molloy: 1 July 1837 - 21 February 1840

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May 1838 Saturday 12th Frequent showers. Corpl Sullivan mended Pig stye. Costigen came for the Cattle & brought them home at night with the long lost Saddle found at the Barrack Hill. Costigen Sunday 13th Showery The usual party returned at night. Orrick called to say he had been after the remainder, but to non-effect. he found Grace and left her to Costigen who let her escape she appears to have calved Monday 14th Fair. Orrick brought home Strawberry's calf a Bull found through the medium of 5 Natives whom I rewarded with Potatoes, he found it in the direction of the Conicals with the nine absentees Orrick Tuesday 15th Heavenly day Orrick went in pursuit of Strawberry whom he brought home. Mr Herring commenced milking and feeding the Calves. Mr Green here & very low. O Wednesday 16th Lovely day. arrived at Augusta from the Vasse having left the latter place on Tuesday Morning O Thursday 17. NW. Variously Empd. some light rain during the night Friday 18 NW Fine Wr. but Cloudy some rain during the night - Empd about the Volunteer Potatoes Orrick did not bring home Cattle Saturday 19 - NW. Moderate & Cloudy with occasion showers of rain. Empd in cleaning up the new building. Orrick deficient Sunday 20. NW Moderate & Cloudy Wr occasional showers - read Divine Service 13 Arnold....... Cattle absent Monday 21. N Cloudy Wr. Light breezes - measuring & marking out boundary Corpl Sullivan asstg. O/1 [Page 32]