Diary of John and Georgiana Molloy: 1 July 1837 - 21 February 1840

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1838 May 22 Tuesday Moderate & Clear Wr - Corpl employed abt the boundary fence the natives brought home Grace & her Calf with other Cattle Pol & 3 Calves absent C2 Wednesday 23rd NW. Light wind & Clear fine Wr. - Cow on the hill - the natives after the Cattle. C3 Thursday 24 NE Moderate breezes & Clear Wr. The natives to Cattle Friday 25. NW. Strong breezes & Cloudy Wr. with some heavy rain towards the Evening the Natives after the Cattle Saturday 26 SE. Strong breezes & Cloudy Wr. Settled with Orrick. Settled with Costigen for looking after the Cattle 15/- O1 Sunday 27. S.E. Fine & Clear performed Divine Service - Mr Burnham Bryan Mrs Heppingstone widow were published by banns for Matrimony Monday 28. N. Moderate breezes & Fine Wr. - Mr. Hurford & 2 [...] at at the Boundary fence Corpl variously Empd. C4 Tuesday 29th NW. Strong breezes & Cloudy Wr. some heavy showers towards the Evening. C5 O2 M1 Wednesday 30th. NW. Moderate breezes & Cloudy with occasional rain. some heavy showers abt. noon. C7 O3 M2 Thursday 31. NW West Much rain & stormy Wr. Thunder & Lightening towards night. O4 June Friday 1 NW. West. Violent Gales with thunder & Lightening almost without interruption Squalls accompanied by heavy rain. The Corpl applied to have shutters to the barracks & for some other requisites. About 8 1/4 oClock my Wife gave birth to a little Girl. O5. Saturday 2 SW Weather more moderate : Geor. doing wrk Sunday 3 SW Strong breezes with occasional showers of rain - the cattle absent. O6. Monday 4th SW Strong gales. Squally. With Thunder & Lightening frequent falls of rain. No Cattle home [Page 33]