Diary of John and Georgiana Molloy: 1 July 1837 - 21 February 1840

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1838 June Monday 18 Fine Clear Wr. Balanced my account with Mr Hurford married Samuel Burnham Bryan to Ann Heppingstone widow. Tuesday 19. West. Heavy showers of Rain in the first part Wednesday 20th SW. Mild clear Wr. the Natives brought home the Pole Cow and her calf with 2 others. Killed the Fattened Sow Corpl. assisted Thursday 21 SW Modte & Clear Wr. - 58 lbs pork to the Detachment Friday 22nd. NW Fresh breezes & Cloudy Wr. Mr. Hurford left for the Vasse with Lenox & Bob Heppingstone about 8 oClock the Clrpl & Mel... I find my Letter to Chas Bussell has been left behind. - Saturday 23. NW Much rain - Stored away the wine in the Cellar. Sunday 24 NW. Moderate Wr. with occasional showers - read divine Service - Mr. Camfield from the Vasse with an Acct. of a Rupture with the natives - two of whom were shot. Monday 25 - Much rain - Light Airs & misty Wr. succeeding O Larcom partially empd. - opened a Cask of Hambrol beef - not good in appearance Tuesday 26. SW. Heavy rains & Cloudy Wr. Baptized my infant daughter Amilia [Amelia] Georgiana Mr Camfield one of the Sponsors. Wednesday 27 S. Moderate winds & fine Wr. sought for the horse saw late with a young foal - did not see Jack Melaney at the ditch Thursday 28th W. The party set off for the Vasse. O Friday 29th W Grace & Wellington & Baldwin absent. O [Page 35]