Diary of John and Georgiana Molloy: 1 July 1837 - 21 February 1840

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Tuesday 21st Mio Spose accompanied by 2 of the Detachmt & Mr Green departed for the Vasse. Robt Larcom commenced drawing rations from our boutique. Ryan to Cattle Much rain at night Wednesday 22nd SE. Heavy showers until Mid day Welsh stuffing a mattress for Charlotte. Maria & Sara Turner here to Tea. Ryan to Cattle Thursday 23rd Lovely day Corporal Sullivan hoeing Potatoes Welsh brought the Calfs [...], but Mr Herring preferred retaining Hannibal for some little time as he has within this past three days demonstrated some imbibing propensities. I wrote to my excellent husband. Leather to Bryan for Charlotte the Accompt Book Ryan to Cattle Friday 24th Light airs & showery Corporal here after Breakfast continuing Potatoes and Wood stack afterwards clearing away near Sugar Canes Charlotte and I weeding Vines. Mrs Bryan here to nurse Baby & Churn from 11 to 6. Ryan to Cattle Saturday 25th Showery and cold. Corporal brought Bonnet & a pair of gloves 2/6 Welsh hewing wood. Larcom to clean up. Ryan to Cattle Sunday 26th Rain and very cold. Family Prayers Ryan to Cattle Monday 27th S. Rain until 10 am Corporal planting Potatoes near Tomato Bed. Welsh carrying Manure and working in Flower Garden. Issued 7 lbs Flour to Bob Larcom. Mrs Bryan to wash Ryan to Cattle Tuesday 28 SE Very cold & slight showers Welsh in Flower Garden Corporal at the same work as yesterday Ryan to Cattle [Page 40]