Diary of John and Georgiana Molloy: 1 July 1837 - 21 February 1840

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1838 Septr Wednesday 12 S.E Moderate & Cloudy Wr. Cobbelt the native unwell. Planting Potatoes. Thursday 13 NE. Light breezes & Clear Wr. Mr. Thomas Turner went up the River on a Survey - two Soldiers Campbell & Ryan went as a safe guard with him. gave Mr Green £8. 4. 0 in Cash on account of his pay to Septr. - Friday 14 NW. Strong Gales & Cloudy Wr. some flying showers laying out Melon beds. Saturday 15. NW. Strong breezes with occasional showers - hoeing potatoes & preparing melon beds. Shea Dawson & Wallace arrived from the Vasse - no news. - Sunday 16. NW. Moderate Wr with flying clouds & Light showers read divine Service. Monday 17th NW. Strong breezes & Cloudy Wr. had the Chimney swept by Welsh paid Wallace £4. 12. 6. the Amount total of his Acct with me. Supplied John Dawson from the Vasse with 10 lbs flour & 7 3/4 lbs beef. Tuesday 18 NW. Strong breezes & Cloudy Wr. went out in search of Kangaroo. no success. - Mr. Thomas Turner returned from up River Wednesday 19. NW Strong Gales & Cloudy Wr. Settled with Orrick. Costigen commenced herding the Cattle Thursday 20 NW. Strong Gales & Cloudy Wr. Friday 21 NW. Strong Gales & Cloudy Wr. much rain during the night went up to the Island & brought down some rails from the fence saw no traces of the Cattle as reported Saturday 22. NW. Strong Gales & squally with heavy showers of rain opened a Cask of flour abt. 112 lbs. Sunday 23. North. Strong Gales & Cloudy Wr. Read Service 9th Arnold. Monday 24 S.W. Fresh breezes & Cloudy Wr - the whole of the community engaged in carving blubber from a Whale cast on shore to the north of Cape Leuwin. Tuesday 25th NE. Moderate & Cloudy Wr planted out some Cabbages [Page 42]