Diary of John and Georgiana Molloy: 1 July 1837 - 21 February 1840

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1838 October & November Tuesday 23rd Fine NW. Busy at my needle. Jacky as Herdsman Wednesday 24th W. Called on Mrs. Turner Jacky do Thursday 25th SE. Mrs Bryan to churn, all the Children at Mrs Bryans Jack Friday 26th SE Welsh brought home the Hair Mattress cost 4/ Mr Lenox Bussell & Mrs McDermot called Jack Saturday 27th SE. Mr Lenox Bussell to tea by Jack. Sunday 28th SE. Read Morning and Evening Service Charlotte distinguished herself. 2 Natives seen at Mr. Turners after at Mrs Bryans. Jack Monday 29th SE. Corporal came at nine & left off about 4. hoeing Potatoes & Indian corn. Mr Thomas Turner returned from Survey Lent the Corporal Molloy's Soldering Irons Cobbets Gardener 2 Bullet Moulds to Lenox Bussell. Jack Tuesday 30th SE. Welsh 2 hours cutting Fern Mr Lenox Bussell & Mrs McDermott rode to Conical Hills & did not return till the following day Natives about Jack Wednesday 31st SE. Welsh from Breakfast time to 4 oclock burning Fern & cutting Wood. Received some cash to keep for Master Welsh. Jack November Thursday 1st SE Mrs Turner to tea Wrote to dearest Molloy & Capt Mangles Corporal returned Soldering Iron & Lenox Bussell the moulds Jack Friday 2nd S. Dull & showery Lenox departed for Vasse Jack Saturday 3rd SE. Took a stroll with the Children Jack Sunday 4th SE Read Divine service Jack [Page 45]