Diary of John and Georgiana Molloy: 1 July 1837 - 21 February 1840

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1838 November Saturday 17 East. Turner has just announced the loss of the raft he informs me it had all got adrift except two or three pieces and that those he conceived were not worth towing on shore, - this is loss upon loss Timber, Time & Labor. Capt Mangles's box & the Hortus Siccus consigned to Mr. Back's care Sunday 18. SE Moderate & Clear read service Monday 19 S.E. Strong breezes & Clear Corpl in the aftn. reaping barley Tuesday 20. SE. Do. Wr. Corpl in the Forenoon reaping Barley Wednesday 21. SE. Do. Wr. Corpl Forenoon tieing Barley &c. Thursday 22nd NW Strong breezes Molloy Mr Green, Corporal Welsh and Ryan set off for Vasse & ultimately the Swan on inspecting Barley found it heating from quantity of green matter Mr Herring and Mrs Molloy commenced opening and cleaning it Jack. Friday 23rd SE. Picking out weeds from Barley Mr Herring from 3 PM. Saturday 24th W. Showers of Rain. Rose at 6 and cleaned 32 sheaves Mr Herring about an hour. Jack did not bring home cattle 4 Natives on opposite side. Sunday 25th SW. Cattle not returned till evening. Monday 26th NW. Melaney hoeing Potatoes until Breakfast he and Mr Herring went after the Raft & found it up the River 12 pieces and none on the Eastern Beach. The Pig on Stubble Tuesday 27th N.W. Mr George Turner arrived from Vasse. brought Letter from my dearest Husband announcing the Champion's visit to beaches hence He also notwithstanding all his fatigues and mental occupations [Page 47]