Diary of John and Georgiana Molloy: 1 July 1837 - 21 February 1840

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Novr 1838 Tuesday 27th Sent Melaney flowers which he had kindly dried, his indisposition much grieves me. Many natives appeared this morning on opposite side and said we were very [...] for not bringing them over. They just announced themselves by calling out "Captain Mollau" Jack. Wednesday 28th NW. Busy bottling Vinegar 90 bottles packed it in cases Melaney & Mr Herring returned from bringing down the timber 10 pieces Packed Harness Cask. Mangles & Cattle absent Thursday 29th W. Melaney & I busy packing sundry articles. No Cattle Friday 30th NW. Made cream cheese. Writing addresses. fixing them Orrick brought home Cattle & I sent them up River Jack December Saturday 1st W. The Schooner arrived shipped some articles by Mr Turner's and ship's boat. Jack up the River. Sunday 2nd SE Busy packing although it was Sabbath. The cows lost through Jack's dilatoriness and Mr Larcom's evasions Capt Dring here to tea. Monday 3rd SE Mr Turner's horse & Cart took down 4 loads of goods Tuesday 4th W. 2 loads this day sent off 40 lbs butter & jam 160 lbs Potatoes. Mr Owen mate of Schooner got me receipt for 2 bags flour, 1 of Sugar 1 of Rice & 1 Chest tea loaded here. Wrote to Molloy. Orrick brought home Cattle Wednesday 5th W. The vessel sailed at 2 afternoon. Put away Flour Rice & Sugar. Jack Thursday 6th NW violent evening brought heavy Showers vessel returned into Safety Bay. We kept this day as Sunday as we worked on Sunday. Cattle absent Mr Herring bottle 3 doz & 8 bottles Wine Friday 7th W. The vessel again sailed early this morning. Cattle absent Welsh and Melaney at work [Page 48]