Diary of John and Georgiana Molloy: 1 July 1837 - 21 February 1840

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Decr 1838 Saturday 8th SE. Sent Corpl Sullivan to inspect Sugar Bags at Mr Turners. Orrick brought home cattle and agreed to rest them pour L'avenir Melaney & Welsh O Sunday 9th SE. Read service Mrs McDermott and Selina called O Monday 10th NW. Mrs Bryan to wash Corporal to hoe Indian corn. The Turner's boat at "Mutton Bird Island" a very large 3 masted vessel seen quite near to St Alouarn's. O Tuesday 11th NW. Very hot Weatr at 11 9.5 degrees I washed Flour and Sugar Bags Mr Thomas & John Turner started for Vasse bearing letters for me to Capt Molloy, Capt Mangles, Mr W Samson & Brown at Vasse. O A letter for the Capt from Mr Turner. Wednesday 12th NW. very hot commenced on the remainder of newly arrived flour. Many natives about Mr. Turner's filly met with a bad accident O Dear little Amelia cut her first Tooth Thursday 15th NW. oppressively hot Weatr at noon 102½. Commenced reaping on Killiter Corpl & Welsh at 4/s pr diem Very many natives My head rages with pain O Friday 14th NW. Heat unabated. Men reaping. I trimmed Melon beds. Orrick's deputy Saturday 15th SSW Less hot & at night a strong breeze from SE Reaping. Orricks deputy Sunday 16th SE. Welsh here to tea Heard of the return of Mr. T. Turner O Monday 17th NW Very hot Reaping inside Wheat. The whole of, the Turner family reaping. Noise at night at which I arose O Tuesday 18th SE Reaping Barley. I trimmed Melon beds O Wednesday 19th SE. Finished reaping & carrying and gave the Harvest shout at night on the Highest spot on Killiter afterwards took tea with Sabina at Mahogany House O Thursday 20th SW. Trimming Melon beds Welch at Indian Corn O [Page 49]