Diary of John and Georgiana Molloy: 1 July 1837 - 21 February 1840

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1839. January Thursday 17. S.E Strong breezes & Clear Wr. cleaned up the Stock yard O Friday 18. SE Fresh breezes & Cloudy - Killed a Pig - O Saturday 19 SW. Welsh drawing wood Issued 60 lbs Pork to Military O Sunday 20th SE. Corporal Sullivan & Bryan set out with Jack for the Vasse. Natives 2 dozen at Twinsview[?]. O Monoday 21st SE This morning at 1/4 to 3 Mrs Bryan gave birth to a female child. Messrs Solomon & Lealing boat arrived for the specified purpose of bartering sundries for Potatoes and Onions O Welsh thrashing Tuesday 22nd SE. Preparations for Vasse Purchased 2 Pigs from Mr Herring at 36/s cash. Messrs Green & C Bussell arrived from Vasse O Welsh thrashing Large native fires & Mrs Bryan's house in danger Wednesday 23rd SE. Very warm Capt Molloy & 2 of the detachment set out for the Vasse. We heard of the arrival of the "New Governor" & Mrs [...] A large fire on the top of the Hill. O Welsh thrashing Thursday 24th SW Cut the 1st Melon counted [...] in all Mr Green saw "Nitor" at the head of the Spring O Welsh thrashing Friday 25th SW Messrs Green, Bussell & Turner crossed over to Kangaroo hunt. Welsh thrashing Saturday 26th SE. Native Fires. At 4 Mr Green enclosed "Nitor" in staked enclosure in Mr. T. Turner's Stock yard and the Poor Animal was so severely staked he died the following Morning The sealers left for the Sound Welsh thrashing [Page 52]