Diary of John and Georgiana Molloy: 1 July 1837 - 21 February 1840

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1839 January Sunday 27th NW. & Showers. Heard of the dismal fate of "Poor Nitor" and was most distrest wrote to my excellent Husband Monday 28th NW. Showers Busy Washing. Welsh digging Potatoes near Well. Tuesday 29th N Showery Messrs Green & Bussell started for Vasse Welsh thrashing Wednesday 30th SE Mr Hurford departed for the Vasse taking my letters to Capt Molloy and a note to Mrs Guerin - Welsh thrashing Thursday 31st SE Went to see Mrs Bryan Welsh thrashing February Friday 1st SW Portended rain Welsh winnowing D Saturday 2nd W. Rain My beloved Molloy returned & brought intelligence of the "Lady Stirling" letters from Mamma and Amelia contained in two Boxes which were landed at the Vasse - Welsh cleaning up Wheat Sunday 3rd Strong breezes from S.E. In the evening Molloy went to see Mrs Bryan Monday 4th S.E. Moderate Wr. Lent the Corpl 2 measures of barley. Tuesday 5. Do Wr. commenced packing. Wednesday 6 SE Do Wr. Do. empd. Thursday 7 Do Wr. Do empd. Friday 8 Do Wr. Do. empd. put up a [...] pig to fatten Saturday 9 S.E. Light breezes & Clear Wr. - Carried some goods to beach Sunday 10 SE Read Service - Moderate & fine Wr. Monday 11 SE Light Airs Campbell from 2.25. - Carried some goods Tuesday 12 NW S.W. Moderate breezes & Clear arrived the American W. S. Whaler Capt Cole Last from Bravo. one of the Cape [...] [...] Wednesday 13. SW. LIght breezes & Clear Wr. several of the Whalers Crew on shore "pour s'amuser" ... aux [...] [Page 53]