Diary of John and Georgiana Molloy: 1 July 1837 - 21 February 1840

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1839 February & March Tuesday 26th SE Captain Cole called in the Evening gave me a basket & some Duck & the Children some apples & Rice Sabina unwell. Wednesday 27th SE. Tried to wash but in vain. Many of the Americans on shore settled with Capt Cole for 5 more yards & 1 lb Powder in all 5/6. Lent Mr Herring £1. Blowing rather fresh Thursday 28th SE Corporal Sullivan Hoeing Potatoes, s'vising Turnip transplanting Brocoli spoke of modified charge. Batteau & Cobbett suspiciously passed with their shears. March Friday 1st SE Pic Nic nine months old today. Working diligently at my new Blue Saturday 2nd SE. Mr Cole called to say Farewell and the America sailed about 4 the same evening. Sunday 3rd SW. Private service Maria and Sarah called. Monday 4th W. Very much rain had fallen during night Corporal sowing Peas Cobbett abusive & I fired at him. Mrs Bryan spent the evening here Tuesday 5th SW. Slight Showers. Corporal here until noon. Came late & only finished getting and striking Peas 3 kits full of Wheat from Mr Herring. Wednesday 6th SE. Welsh returned and brought checking accounts of my excellent Molloy & several Packages from England. Busy washing. Babui knocked the Horn off one of Mr Turner's young cows Thursday 7th SE. Busy at my needle work. Friday 8th SW. Welsh making Saddle cover Got 26 lbs wheat bag & all from Mr Herring 2 Shirts 2 prs Socks Orrick Saturday 9th SE. Barengo rushed into the Nursery when I was absent and took a pistol for which he was discharged The natives set fire to Mr Dawson's Grant. [Page 55]