Diary of John and Georgiana Molloy: 1 July 1837 - 21 February 1840

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March 1839 Sunday 10th SE. Divine Service Monday 11th NW. Welsh making Saddle cover. I writing to Molloy. Lent to Welsh 1£ cash and Orrick 10/s 1½ Pint tea to Welsh Tuesday 12th The men started for the Vasse took with them 3 Cows & Blanche. I very unwell Wednesday 13th SW. Rainy Dear Mary very ill Heard from my excellent Molloy by Bobby and Dick Thursday 14th SE. Mary better. Busy washing. Friday 15th SW. Sabina found a young Wallaby. Sowed Cabbage seed in the Grove. Saturday 16th SE. Writing to Molloy. Sunday 17th SE. Private family Prayers. Monday 18th SE. Dick and Bobby set out for Vasse. The American Cook spent the afternoon. Mr Herring ill Tuesday 19th SE Busy Washing Orrick sweeping up stockyard from 11 oclock. Wednesday 20th SE Busy Working unwell also Baby Thursday 21st SE Orrick here from 10 to 4 Mr Green Corporal and Brough brought letters from Molloy I was very unwell ½ lb Coffee from Mrs Bryan. Friday 22nd SE All day in bed. Saturday 23rd W. Dick arrived at 11 from Vasse & brought Card case D Sunday 24th W. West called & let Jack loose from mistake. Dick went down to Mrs Bryan & found himself very stiff from riding [Page 56]