Diary of John and Georgiana Molloy: 1 July 1837 - 21 February 1840

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June 1839 Saturday 1st Much rain. Amelia's birthday. 2 very large Plumb Puddings Molloy busy arranging stores. Sunday 2nd Mr Layman sent over some meat to Mr Green 10 lbs & a piece to us. After dinner we all took a walk towards the Bussells. Brown in the Wind John Dawson here Monday 3rd Lovely day Mrs Ommaney and [...] called and took tea here Tuesday 4th Ploughing & sowing Wheat. Wednesday 5th Do Do Thursday 6th A clear night. And large Corroboree. Friday 7th I churning. Mr Lawson to tea. Saturday 8th Rain. I cooked. Dick Kangaroo hunting. Sunday 9th Service at home. In the evening we walked towards the mount. Monday 10th Rain. Larcom & Wallace [...]. Capt Molloy on Magistracy business. Tuesday 11th Busy washing. Dick struck work & I had his place and my own to undertake. Wednesday 12th The boat arrived. Capt Molloy thought of going up Mr Ommaney & he agreed to start for the Swan on Monday Thursday 13th Cooking, Washing &c Friday 14th Finishing my Washing Dick churned in the evening The calves were sent over to Mr Bussell's. Saturday 15th Because a Padlock was hung on my own cupboard a regular turn out ensued. Poor Molloy immersed in business Mr John Bussell called [Page 61]