Diary of John and Georgiana Molloy: 1 July 1837 - 21 February 1840

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June 1839 Sunday 16 Warm. Moore sent over for Gunpowder Molloy very busy in packing up previous to his departure for Swan River. Monday 17th Showers of rain. Molloy and Mr Ommaney set out for the Swan. Robt Larcom came in Dicks place Tuesday 18th Waterloo day

Incessant rain the chimney insecure so we repaired to the Kitchen Brown kangaroo hunting but without success Bletchington & Dick quite unoccupied 

Wednesday 19th Twice heard from Capt Cole. Also of the Wreck Thursday 20th Fine heard that the Boat was quite a Wreck. Friday 21st Vernon Bussell here. I wrote by Mr Onslow to dear Molloy Dick churning all day. Brown harrowing. Saturday 22nd Busy at making up Butter baking &c. Sunday 23rd Very fine Dawson called & brought 10 lbs meat for Mr Green. Walked in the evening & found Mr Ommaney & Miss Bussell here. Monday 24th Brown preparing for Mr [...] Bletchington and Dick hauling split wood for fence. The Cookworthy's here heavy rain in the evening Tuesday 25th Brown after much parley set out for Mr [...] Bletchington. Absent kangarooing one half the day without success & Dick desultory. Corporal [...] Melaney arrived from Augusta. A Washing day with me but most of my time taken up in drawing off wine & weighing out articles of grocery namely tobacco & Sugar. Welsh here doing the bed curtains Wednesday 26th Mr Geo Chapman here Thursday 27th The Bullocks having strayed Brown sent over for them. Very wet. Allison came in from work shortly breakfast I churning After dinner he & Dick out Kangaroo hunting unsuccessful. Wrote to Capt Cole [Page 62]