Diary of John and Georgiana Molloy: 1 July 1837 - 21 February 1840

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June 1839 Thursday 27th and Mr Herring sent some Butter. Lent Welsh 1 tea cup ful of tea to be returned in kind and 10/s receiving from him a £1 note. Friday 28th Mr Green Welsh & Sergeant set out for Augusta Ryan returned a pair of compasses Fanny & Bessy at tea. Had work at the Kitchen Saturday 29th Showery. Dick very discontented and threatened to strike Larcom. I was necessitated to interfere Brown came over to change some Wheat & got [...] [...] pictures 3 bottles Wine 2 bottles for himself

                                                                      [...] [...]  Mr Knight [...] [...]
                                                                       stores to Corporal/ see account.

Saturday 29th Continued Dick spoke to me about boarding him which I refused he said he wd do nothing more than milk the Cows. I told him I would make no fresh arrangements He did nothing that evening immediately after dinner he repaired to Barracks and behaved very ill to Larcom not only refusing to bring over Boat himself but preventing others for which I spoke to Corporal Allison. Sunday 30th Increasing Rain the whole day 1 Bottle Wine Bletchington [Page 63]