Diary of John and Georgiana Molloy: 1 July 1837 - 21 February 1840

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1839 Septr. 19. planted out some vine cuttings near the Mount after 4 oClock employed over at Mr Bussells in marking & selecting my goats from their flock. Croker sojourning as Cook &c The River higher than it has been known to be since the Vasse has been located 20. Received 39 Goats from the pen - one a weather I believe made his escape - the native says he swam the River & joined the Bussells flock 21. Set out some Cuttings towards the mount - Dick slept through the afternoon - fearing he might by accident be unwell I did not disturb him he enjoyed this species of Luxury from 2 until five oClock or thereabouts. Carted wattling &c Sunday 22 Moderate Wr. with occasional showers - some heavy showers during the night The River still very high deferring my departure until tuesday. Monday 23 Moderate & Cloudy Wr. with heavy showers at times Brown Kangaroo hunting. The party have drawn their rations for Augusta. Received some iron work from the Samuel Wright. Tuesday 24 Moderate Wr occal showers the River still very high. Carting clay - B. & D. leaving - swam the horses over the ford. The Elizabeth expected - Wednesday 25 on board the Samuel Wright saw three whales & the boat in pursuit - they did not kill. Thursday 26 Settled with Capt Coffin Wr fine & Clear Friday 27 Moderate Breezes & fine Wr - Saturday 28. Mild & Cloudy Wr. Settled with Bleachington [Bletchington?] - [Written in a different hand] Sunday 29th Warm Capt Coffin applied about his 3 men Settled in full with Croker Monday 30th Very warm Charlotte arrived & Capt Molloy set out for Augusta. Dick [...] Brown getting [...] and carted 4 or 5 loads of Manure for Mr Chapman Bletchington erecting Verandah. [Page 67]