Diary of John and Georgiana Molloy: 1 July 1837 - 21 February 1840

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October 1839 Tuesday 1 Very warm Mrs Layman gave birth to a second son. Brown killed 2 Kangaroos Bletchington putting up Rafters. Dick cooking Mr Henford & Lascom came Wednesday 2nd Very warm Mrs Guerin here. Brown harrowing loading wood - felling trees Dick cooking Thursday 3rd Very warm Brown brought shingles & loading Manure for Mr Chapmans Bletchington shingling Dick cooking & ?. A Nanny kidded 3 but only 1 survived & that was left in the brush. Friday 4th Busy churning Mrs Knight came. The children went to bring her. Saturday 5th Dick tempering clay Brown killed 1 Kangaroo & Bletchington shingling. Sunday 6th Brown & Dick very unwell the latter ? & ? to do any thing Monday 7th I washing in which I was much assisted Dick dabbing Brown brought wood and in the afternoon felled trees. Bletchington shingling To Mrs Harford 28 lbs Flour 1 lb Butter 3 lbs Sugar Tuesday 8th Washing continued Brown hunting Dick dabbing Bletchington at the house Wednesday 9th Continued Washing A brown Nanny fawned one. Thursday 10th Bletchington ? off work In the evening a bullock was found dead in the yard Wellington returned to the herd. [Page 68]