Diary of John and Georgiana Molloy: 1 July 1837 - 21 February 1840

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[different handwriting- Georgiana] 1839. October Sunday 20 Monday 21. Set off to Lerchenault ? after Miss Kennedy Tuesday 22 The Lively Coaster arrived Wednesday 23 Molloy returned form Leschenault Blechynden [new spelling] & Dick off work [different handwriting- John] Thursday 24 A Party from Augusta with native prisoner Friday 25 The prisoner brought from Augusta Rations by the Constable ? Herring & Rbt West & John Salkild the depositions were this day taken. [different handwriting- Georgiana] Blechynden off work from 11 oclock Saturday 26 Great irregularity Blechynden off work settled with ? for ? &c Sunday 27. ? Jim the native with 1 pr Boots & cheese to Mr Little Monday 28 Kangaroo hunting with Mr Cole Tuesday 29 Mr Lawson dined here Baliker arrived from Lesch'alt 22 lbs butter to Capt Cole Blechynden at work Wednesday 30 The America sailed. Mrs Knight & family returned La Donna hurt her Leg Thursday 31 Dick & Brown ploughing Garden for Potatoes November Friday 1 Do Do Blechynden laying floor Ploughing La Donna churning Saturday 2 Jack to Blechynden to go to Leschenault Bobby arrived with a note from Miss Kennedy Sunday 3 Blechynden returned. The children & Donna ailing Monday 4 Donna washing Molloy cooking the Bussells called abt their wheat Brown ploughing Tuesday 5 Molloy answered a request of Mr Layman's went over to Manneness Wednesday 6 George Chapman borrowed the Dows the men helped on some timber to the Pit Thursday 7 Sab's Birthday Blechynden sick Friday 8 [different handwriting- John] Ploughing ?. Cheese to Mr Chapman. Blechynden sick Planting potatoes. Blechington [original spelling] sick. Saturday 9th [different handwriting- Georgiana] In the evening Governor ? Mr Lowan & Mr Phillips arrived I brought letters from Mamma Maggie Charvasse Mr ? Dick at Manneness Sunday 10th Service at home Dick at Manneness Monday 11th The party went to Toby's Inlet Dick returned but wd not cook Tuesday 12th A meeting of the inhabitants about the church The Govr and Capt Molloy went to Manneness I wrote letters to ? Maggie Mrs ? Mr ? & Mary. The party returned & all but Molloy [Page 70] [there is a town mentioned 3 times on this page and on previous pages that I can't make out- I'm using Manneness- if you live in WA you may know what it really is]