Diary of John and Georgiana Molloy: 1 July 1837 - 21 February 1840

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1839 November Tuesday 12th dined at the Bussells Preparing for their departure in the morning gave Molloy a bottomless Bag Dick loading Fire wood Wednesday 13th The Party left Molloy accompanied them. Dick working inside Brown sowing potatoes Blechdn shingling & making shingles Thursday 14th I churned Dick cooking Brown sowing potatoes Blechynden Do Do The natives stole potatoes from Messrs Bussells & were summarily punished Consoon & Alison returned with the Donkey which they had from about 1 the preceeding day Friday 15th Rain Brown loading timber Blechdn laying floor Dick in house wrote to terminate Mr Knights incessant notes and demands Sent washing of 2 Doz pieces to Mrs Dawson Saturday 16th Blechyndn laying floor until dinner then assisted Brown in getting a tree on the Pit Brown brought up a long ? from the Beach treasure trove & an immense Cash also with which he acted very sly. Sunday 17th Irregularity from Wine which had arrived the previous night Sent letter by ? to Augusta Monday 18th Blechyndn laying floor Brown brought in 21 male Kangaroos hed a few Cabbages & ? & emanated from his ? ad libitum. [Latin for 'at liberty' meaning freely or improvised] A ? to George Chapman 4/6 1 Bottle Vinegar also Tuesday 19th Brown drawing Timber in the morning & cut two small ? Hay in the evening & planting cabbage Blechynden finished floor & commenced Bedstead. Dick very ? Mrs Bussell in her boat passed to the Wheat & bowed incessantly like the man on horseback Amelia began to speak. Wednesday 25th Brown Kangarooing Blechynden at Bedstead I am busy Washing. Mr Dawson sent home the clothes very ? & the ? to ? I must do it myself one pr socks minus Heard from Captain Molloy from Leschinault Sugar & Ham ? to Lascom see Account [Page 71]