Diary of John and Georgiana Molloy: 1 July 1837 - 21 February 1840

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Feby 1840 Tuesday 11 Brot. some plants from the beach Blech to Messrs Bussells Wednesday 12 Found none trees in the garden Thursday 13 Messrs Eliot & Grindall arrived from Leschenault. Friday 14 Mr Elliott & Grindall dined here Saturday 15 They left Blechden blowing up the tree Maria ? ? Sunday 16 Harry rather rebellious Monday 17 Mr Layman here preparing for Augusta Tuesday 18 Maria returned to work set out for Augusta the N America came in Wednesday 19 Brown Moban & 3 rolls of bread set out for Kangaroo hunting returned with one at 3 oclock, & after did nothing the whole evening altho' he purported to go after the absent cows, but at the same time retained Moban whom I had dismissed. Wallace thatching. George ? house Capt. Warren of the N. America called. Thursday 20th Monkey threatened by Moban not to be Herdsman Wallace & Brown for Rushes. Washing delayed. Fairy had a Heifer Calf. Vernon Lenox & Fanny Bussell to tea Brown busy shaking Rushes with one hand the other in his pocket. Blechynden roofing the house & mending the iron work of Bullock cart Friday 21st The sow farrowed oxen absent & no washng. Brown ? Wattling sticks [Page 76]