Bussell Diary 02: Diary of Frances Louisa Bussell 17 December 1832 - 3 February 1833

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had subsided and the day glided cheerfully away. Friday morning I tried to write all this long yarn yesterday for I was again restored to the comforts of my own Cabin. I forgot to say that Wednesday night was passed in the Captain's cabin for my own was inundated as usual in the present state of the weather and he kindly gave me the use of his as his hammock is suspended in the Cuddy so you see how hospitable every one is to me. Bessy says "Fanny quietly asks "who will take me in to-night" but this is not the case though I have no lack of invitations. We are now running on at a prodigious rate so shall soon see the Swan River my porthole is closed so I am obliged to sit up stairs. I am sending Caleb Williams with [Page 16]