Bussell Diary 02: Diary of Frances Louisa Bussell 17 December 1832 - 3 February 1833

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I did not say that on Christmas eve Bessy & I made the pies for dinner and they were pronounced very nice. They had certainly a genteeler twang than the "patisserie" here often has. And yet you would have laughed at me I am since Charley & Ben & the Steward who seem to think they cannot do enough for us resigned their post with great pleasure and the black visaged "chef de cuisine" would not disgrace our manufacture by his oven. You will say that your girls are completely domesticated on board and indeed I cannot but wonder to find how completely we are so. New Years Eve. It blew a tremendous gale. Mrs. Harris had been poorly for some days & was since we left the Cape and could not [Page 18]