Bussell Diary 02: Diary of Frances Louisa Bussell 17 December 1832 - 3 February 1833

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join our party in the Captain's cabin where we had several bowls of punch as usual concocted in my "basin". Mrs. Leake was our Matron but she is so very free in her jests, so very unfeminine in her manners that we seldom consider her as an acquisition. We all drank to each other and still more to dear English friends and entered into a compact to enact the events of that evening faithfully each New Year's Eve. January 1 - 1833. Tuesday. The greater part of the day was spent with Mrs. Harris who is still an invalide Len has been nursing her so assiduously and any one who has been nursed by Len knows what it is. I do not think she quite relishes any thing that he does not propose for her. Gruel, arrow root, Farinaceous [Page 19]