Bussell Diary 02: Diary of Frances Louisa Bussell 17 December 1832 - 3 February 1833

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The Kingsfords are staying here who they knew the Browne's in England and Miss Park a very delightful girl so dramatic and active and good completes as cheerful and and agreeable a circle as can often be found. The society has not degenerated in the least and instead of "anyone or any thing for the Swan" I should say selectness and refinement are more prevalent than in England Yet no one scruples to assist in the duties of the menage. Now I am well aware and at the McDermots we have seen Emigration divested of all its miseries to use a popular term but the Brownes have gone through more than we think to collect [...] to undergo in [...] to climate and trials now unknown To continue my recital on Wednesday Mr Dawson called much surprised to find John's sisters. I could not but view him immediately in the light of an [Page 41]