Bussell Diary 02: Diary of Frances Louisa Bussell 17 December 1832 - 3 February 1833

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by the Ellen but to abide by our property but Mr Tobey is very urgent to take us and our inclinations are decidedly with him I must mention Mr Waylen's house Point Water [Point Walter] it is one of the sweetest spots I have seen It was there we first landed on coming up the river and charmed we were with it It stands upon a gentle eminence the garden has I suppose been more productive but it all looks deserted there is one particularly fine tree in the front of the house and the view towards the river is exquisite I hope some fair one in England will consent to be the ministering angel of his Paradise for such it truly is Every one is busy in preparing their dispatches for the Cornwallis This will go by Mr Dawson Our first journals unfortunately left at Freemantle [Fremantle] cannot go by this opportunity [Page 44]