Diary of Frances Louisa Bussell 15 October - 1 November 1833

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to tell you how dear how "dreadfully" dear you are to us God for ever bless & prosper my beloved & first friends in the midst of all the happiness I wish them I am sure they will remember and pray for their own

             Fanny L. Bussell

Blythe is quite well but such a thief Phillis is reasonably supported her family is distributed over the colony Mr Green has one of her offspring the barracks another & we have retained another a third We have another pray in the family way.

[Written vertically on top of the horizontal writing] Little Lewis is very delicate but she lives a great life Bring out another gentleman & lady cat they are so very useful in keeping down the rats. Mr [...] gave us a beauty and Mr Toby gave me a goat but we are afraid of having it at the Adelphi they are so destructive to the garden. Remember in your choice of cats that the darker animals are stronger than fair ones. Witness your nigger daughter who grows darker every day by the bye. [Page 24]