Beresford Bardwell World War I diary 1915

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April 1915. Sunday 11th. The harbour is again becoming full of transports there being at the present time some 25 troopships inside, besides outside & in another harbour. Had an easy day as B.G. Cpl attending sick parade & also distribution of meals . During the afternoon we had a perfect view of a seaplane which was hovering over the harbour for some time. Twice it passed some hundreds of feet directly over us. It is wonderful the perfection they have reached, its equilibrium was perfect not the slightest wobbling or swaying noticable [sic] It reminded one of a huge wasp what with the buzzing of its engine & its long narrow build. I suppose we will soon be quite used to the sight of them, but of course the first time causes great interest. We also saw it alight & skim along the surface of the harbour.There is also a small dirigible aboard one of the ships here . Great amusement was caused today when one of the boats came back from the shore with some of our men aboard among whom were two who had got hold of some Koniak & got rather drunk.