Beresford Bardwell World War I diary 1915

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While coming alongside one of them first threw his hat overboard & then picked up his rifle & before anyone could stop him threw it after the hat, of course it was lost. Of course they could not come up the rope ladders, so when the Colonel heard about it he ordered them to be securely bound & hauled up by the winch As horses were being loaded at the time a horse sling was made use of. The first man the worst of the two, was swung up into the air where he looked quite happy & caused a lot of amusement among the onlookers, then was lowered onto the deck & taken charge of to await his trial.

The boat seems very crowded now with all the extra troops & their equipment aboard. It also means that the decks can't be kept nearly so clean as before.

Monday 12th. The Commanding Officers of all Batallions (sic) went aboard the Queen Elizabeth this morning & were taken away to the vicinity of the Dardanelles, I conclude for the purpose of selecting or having pointed out to them the spot where we are to land & of course to have an inspection of the country in that vicinity & to discuss movements. So it looks as if we are nearly at the end of our long wait . We went ashore this morning & went through the usual advance & attack We were the first ashore & while awaiting the arrival of the rest of the Coys, Corpl Larter our our platoon, who had been ashore a week or so ago on one of those [Page 2]