Beresford Bardwell World War I diary 1915

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spy guards, from descriptions of a wanted spy thought he recognised the description in a well dressed man accompanied by two others & an old Greek priest, who walked along our lines & then went down to the beach & had a good look around. Larter reported his surmises to Major Roberts who at once signalled to the Malda (flagship of Brigade) & found description tallied & was ordered to arrest same. In the meantime the group of men had left the beach & gone inland among the crops towards a small village Lieut Walker, Cpl Larter & six men were sent off to arrest them. They found them in a drinking house where they also went in & had a drink. After some time one of them went over to a private house but soon returned. They were soon arrested & were taken to the Naval Quarters at Mudros where they were handed over & searched Nothing being found of an incriminating nature on them they were released but are being placed under close surveillance.

Last night it was discovered that morse signals were being sent from one of the villages but by the time an inspection party arrived there everything was quiet.

I forgot to mention that I received pair of gloves & tobacco also a letter from mother & one from Miss Smithwick

Tuesday13th Nothing of interest happened today, some of the reinforcements went ashore but owing to the rain had to come back again. We now have our new Platoon officer, Lieut Gosterlow, very [Page 3]