Beresford Bardwell World War I diary 1915

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ordinary looking man but I think he will be quite capable of looking after us.

Wednesday 14th The Colonel again was away all day returning at sundown, when they were all aboard the Queen Elizabeth near the Dardanelles on Monday they had several shots fired at them but they all fell short.

Thousands of troops went ashore during the day more to practice landing than anything else. They were towed ashore by pinnaces, each pinnace taking from 6 to 12 boats full of men. It is a decidedly quicker method than rowing.

We were issued with our Batallion (sic) colours this afternoon, brown & blue, which we wear on either shoulder brown upwards. I believe before going into the field we take off our numerals & badges & are just recognised by our colours.

After lunch all black kit bags were taken aft & stacked; they are all going to be shipped back to Alexandria where they will be stored. This means that now we will only have the clothes we stand up in & what we can carry in our packs to last us until God knows when.

Peter Snodgrass is just the same as ever, if there ever was an untidy man Peter is he. I have never seen him look really smart in civilian clothes & he is just the same in uniform & looks as if a razor was only known to him about once a week . Thursday 15. We have just received the [Page 4]