Beresford Bardwell World War I diary 1915

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sad news of the death of one of our Platoon, McGuiness, a fine big fellow about 6 feet 2 inches & proportionately built, he was one of our scouts under Prickle He contracted pneumonia some time ago taking him ashore on a cold windy day to the Hospital nearly finished him, he could not sleep for night after night Well about 5 days ago he was on the mend when I believe he was taken aboard the Hospital ship to be taken back to Alexandria. Most likely the trip from shore to ship had fatal effects, anyhow he is gone & we have lost one of our very best men. A man seems to have a very poor chance unless he can get into a permanent hospital from the [jump] There always seems to be too much shifting about to do good.

Friday 16th. This evening "A & C" Coys were taken aboard the H.M.S. London. They were practicing disembarkation from our ship onto the London & were taken in tow by one of the latter's pinnaces. While on board they heard that 20.000 Turks had suffered heavy defeat on Canal. The idea is that we go to the Gallipoli Peninsula in ships of war & from them disembark.

Saturday 17th. A few days ago I got another of my rotten colds & since then my voice has become very husky, not being able to drill my section. If it does not come back before we finally land it will be a case of my handing section over to somebody with a voice [Page 5]